Competence and reliability


TOFFAC INGRANAGGI’S corporate philosophy is strongly characterized by the values common to all companies in the POZZI Group. Operators undergo continuous training in line with the needs of sophisticated, high-precision production. Their role is fundamental in guaranteeing the quality and flexibility required by an extremely demanding international market. The same attention is paid, of course, to the purely technical side, where the production line is guaranteed by an array of state-of-the-art and regularly updated machinery.


The company therefore presents itself as technically reliable and capable of reacting in a careful and timely manner to both direct customer requests and those of the supply chain, with its own particular requirements, within the group. Great expertise and quality, guaranteed by certification at every stage of production, allow TOFFAC INGRANAGGI to be a company that is certainly at the forefront and constantly rewarded by its customer satisfaction.


TOFFAC INGRANAGGI has always valued the important indications, suggestions and references that customers provide to refine its production methods. This is why it is honoured to consider its customers as true companions on a journey, along a path that is proving mutually beneficial.

Following a sound itinerary with partners who are consistently constructive and satisfied with their cooperation is for the company, itself, the achievement of a fundamental goal.


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